The Disappearance of Heather Teague

A man watching through a telescope witnessed a young woman get abducted while sunbathing on the beach.

Jennifer Baldwin
5 min readMar 24, 2022
Ohio River (Source: Wiki Commons)

Spending a day on the river should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. People often go to the water to get away from it all and be stress-free for a while. They frequently feel it's a safe place to be, but that isn't always the case.

Heather Teague

Heather Teague was a 23-year-old woman from Spotsville, Kentucky. She enjoyed spending time out by the water by herself. On August 26, 1995, she went sunbathing at Newburgh Beach on the Ohio River in Henderson County, Kentucky.


While Heather was relaxing on the beach, she was being watched unbeknownst to her. A man on the other side of the Ohio River happened to be viewing her through a telescope. While he likely thought he was getting an eyeful of a beautiful woman on the beach, he was about to witness an event far more unexpected.

At approximately 12:45 p.m., the witness observed a Caucasian man come up behind Heather on the beach and grab her by the hair. The man then dragged Heather into the woods by gunpoint. The witness couldn't believe his eyes and immediately called the police.



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