A Long Way from Home

The Murder of Blair Adams

Jennifer Baldwin
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Leaving your home to travel to another country should be full of excitement, a time to look forward to, and be pleasurable. However, the final destination definitely should not land you on a slab in the county morgue.

Blair Adams

Blair Adams was a 31-year-old construction foreman in Surrey, British Columbia. Being a foreman was a job he loved, but something had recently changed in his life.

Blair Adams. Source.

Blair had been a responsible employee, but had recently started leaving his job site unlocked and vulnerable. Then, without warning, he quit his job and never returned for his paycheck.

Blair had, had a drinking problem in the past, but was proud of his two years of sobriety. So it was a surprise to his friends and family when he stopped attending his Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings without an explanation. Although, there were no indications he had started drinking alcohol again.

At one point he shared with his mother, Sandra Edwards, that people were spreading rumors about him, but did not elaborate. Blair also told friends that he was afraid someone was going to kill him, but his friends didn’t know why anyone would want to take his life.

Leaving the Country

On Friday, July 5, 1996, Blair went to his bank in British Columbia and withdrew almost every penny to his name, but he didn’t stop there. He took it a step further and removed all of his valuables from his safe deposit box. He then went to his mother’s home and explained to her something was on his mind and he wanted to visit with his uncle in nearby Courtenay, British Columbia. Unfortunately, when he arrived his uncle was not home.

The following Sunday morning Blair attempted to board a ferry, in his Chevy Chevette, that would take him from Victoria, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately, he was denied access to Seattle by United States Immigration. Although he had no drugs on him U.S. Immigration red-flagged him as a possible drug trafficker due to the excessive amount of cash and valuables he had with him when he tried to cross the Canadian-United States Border.



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