A teenage girl went to sleep in her basement bedroom and vanished in the night.

Source: Chris Lynch on Unsplash

Not everyone is lucky enough to live a charmed life. There are those whose lives start out difficult from childhood and never seem to improve. They are the unlucky ones, and, sadly, some of their lives are short.

Yasmin Acree

Yasmin Acree was an intelligent 15-year-old girl who was dealt a problematic…

When John Darwin couldn’t solve his financial woes, he decided to fake his death.

Source: Peter Thomas on Unsplash

Faking a death to collect insurance money isn’t a new crime, but it does not tend to pay well in the long run. John Darwin attempted to get away with fraud, and he almost got away with it. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The idea of running away…

What appeared to be a simple accident ended up being a mysterious unsolved murder on the tracks.

Amtrak Train in Arizona Desert (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Traveling should be an enjoyable experience for all involved. Hopping aboard a train is often a pleasurable way to get to your destination as it allows people to see the countryside and take in views they wouldn’t get to see from a plane. …


One of the world’s greatest golfers is found dying in the street, but was it an accident or murder?

James Douglas Edgar (Source: Wikimedia)

James Douglas Edgar, who preferred to be called Doug, was an Englishman who was a premier golfer in the United States and Canada. After World War I, Europe was still recovering from all they had endured, so golf was not a priority.

Golfers from European countries moved across the pond…

A grandmother vanishes without a single clue to help lead police to her whereabouts.

Missouri Woods (Source: Andrew Benefield)

Echo Lloyd was starting over in life at 47-years-old. She was recently separated from her husband, and while it was amicable, she still needed to begin life anew on her own. …

In the middle of the day, a young boy and his stepmother were brutally murdered in their own home, but who is responsible for their deaths?

Source: Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

A home should be a safe haven for a family. It’s a sanctuary where a family can feel at peace from the outside world. …

A young man drives off in the heat of the Arizona desert and is never seen again.

Source: Robert Murray on Unsplash

Buckeye, Arizona, is a desert town west of Phoenix. The summer months often lead to harsh conditions under the brutal sun, with temperatures easily exceeding over 110 degrees on the hottest days. It isn’t a place a person wants to be alone and without help.

Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson was a 24-year-old…

A 5-year-old went missing from a park, but the police believe there’s a chance she may still be alive.

Source: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

A little girl was playing in a park with her brother when she suddenly went missing. Her mother was only feet away. The police believe she may still be alive, and the search is on to find her.

Childhood is a time of innocence, and playing in a local park…

The murder of Stanford University’s co-founder remained a secret for over one hundred years.

Jane Stanford (Wikimedia Commons)
Jane Stanford (Wikimedia Commons)

Jane Stanford was a formidable woman who was known for accomplishments that were ahead of her time. She was the wife of Leland Stanford, and together they founded ivy-league Stanford University in 1885. …

Did a brother’s confession finally help solve a cold case?

Martha Jean Lambert (Source: Wikimedia)

Martha Jean Lambert was a twelve-year-old girl who resided in St. Augustine, Florida, with her parents and brothers. Her family life was a troubled one. Her neighbors reported didn’t appear to be well-cared for and was often dirty. …

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