The unsolved murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff.

Waking up in the morning knowing it is the first day of your senior year of high school can be exciting. You would have so many enjoyable events and moments to look forward to in the next few months, but not if you woke up to murder.

The Tankleff Family

Seymour Tankleff and his wife, Arlene, lived the good life. They were wealthy, lived in a beautiful home, and had a son, Marty, age 17, who they adored.

Seymour was a successful businessman. He enjoyed entertaining and getting together with friends. …

The unsolved murder of Geetha Angara.

Water is key to our survival. The people charged with taking care of the nation’s water supply are critically important to society, but what if one of them is a murderer?

Geetha Angara

Geetha Angara was a 43-year-old mother, wife, and chemist. She was a native of Chennai, India before immigrating to the United States. She was a well-educated woman with several masters degrees and a had earned her doctorate in organic chemistry at New York University.

Geetha was employed by the Passaic Valley Water Commission in Totowa, New Jersey. She had been employed by the commission for twelve years and was…

The unsolved murder of Michael Allen aka VL Mike.

Trying to break into the music business is no easy task. It takes hard work and perseverance. Sometimes the stars start to align and dreams begin to come true until it all gets taken away from you.

Michael Allen

Michael Allen was a 32-year-old rapper and MC from New Orleans, Louisiana just starting to see his dreams become a reality. He had a career as a rapper working under the name VL Mike. It was a music career he was hoping to see flourish.

Michael got his big break when he was taken on as a member of the Chopper City Boyz…

The unsolved murder of Orlando Anderson.

Life in a gang frequently leads to a life of crime. Murder can become a normal part of that existence, but gang life doesn’t always land you in the middle of one the biggest murder investigations in recent memory.

Orlando Anderson

At 22-years-old Orlando Anderson was already going down the wrong path in life. He was a member of the Southside Compton Crips in Southern California.

On September 7, 1996 Orlando was in Las Vegas, Nevada with fellow gang members when he had a disagreement with famous entertainers Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight as well as their entourage at the MGM Grand…

The unsolved murder of Tammy Vincent.

Being employed by organized crime is always dangerous. However, testifying against them can cost you your life.

Tammy Vincent

Tammy Vincent was known as girl full of life and adventure. By all accounts it appeared she was a girl who would act first and think through the consequences later. When she started having problems with her parents at home at age sixteen she ran away and made her way through life on her own.

Life was not easy for young Tammy and she ended up in the wrong hands. Tammy started working for a strip club in Seattle, Washington that was owned…

The unsolved murder of Yosef Alon.

Diplomats play an important role in international relations. They work together to maintain peace between countries and to come together to the benefit of both countries. In the United States diplomats usually live in peace and safety, but that isn’t always that case.

Yosef Alon

Colonel Yosef Alon was a 43-year-old Israeli Diplomat serving as a military ambassador in Maryland. He was much respected by his peers. He was almost three years in to his diplomatic duties in the United States with less than a month left before he and his family returned home to Israel when tragedy struck.

The Assassination

Yosef and his…

The unsolved murder of Mark Duane Woodard.

Leaving home to take a trip with a few friends in your youth should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Just a few days of fun and little responsibility. That’s until you don’t make it home alive.

Mark Duane Woodard

Mark Duane Woodard was just 19-years-old when he made plans with two of his friends to leave his Lakeland, Florida home to go on a trip to Texas. The vacation wasn’t just to have fun. The guys also planned on purchasing large quantities of marijuana while away. …

The murder of Louis Allen.

The 1960’s was a turbulent time when it came to the Civil Rights Movement. It was a fight for equality and fairness. This battle was especially prevalent in the southern United States where hatred and racism ran rampant. Many southern towns still harbor dark secrets from their past.

Louis Allen

Louis Allen was a hard-working African-American man making a life for himself and his family in Liberty, Mississippi near the Louisiana border. Louis owned his small logging business and was able to purchase his property. He also fought for his country and was a veteran of World World II. …


The unsolved murder of Tammy Jo Alexander.

Upstate New York has beautiful farmland. It’s quiet and far away from the big city. It isn’t a place where the residents ever expect anything bad to happen so it came as quite a surprise when a farmer tending to his cornfields in Caledonia found the body of a teenage girl on his property early one morning.

The Girl in the Cornfield

On November 10, 1979 a farmer made a horrifying discovery in his cornfield along Route 20. No one ever could have guessed murder was going to come to town. Local police were on the case quickly, but they had little to go on.

The unsolved murder of Robert Wone.

It’s not unusual for busy people to stay at work late into the night. It is also quite common for people to commute far from home into order to get to their place of employment. Sometimes going back to the safety of your own home for the night just isn’t feasible, but choosing to stay in the comfort of a close friend’s home instead shouldn’t lead to your demise.

Robert Wone

Robert Wone was a 32-year-old attorney who worked in Washington D.C. …

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