A teenage girl was on the verge of reporting being raped by a group of men only to disappear and be found dead two weeks later.

Ebby Steppach (Source: Wikimedia)

The fight for justice can be a long and difficult road, but it is well worth the journey. No one should ever have to lose a loved one by homicide, but to know the killer has walked away from a murder, free and clear can be gut-wrenching. The consequences for such an awful crime need to be paid.

Ebby Steppach

Ebby Steppach was an 18-year-old teenage girl living in Little Rock, Arkansas, with her parents when she started acting out. Her life had gone through a few major changes as she started attending a new school, made new friends, and got a…

An up-and-coming Hollywood actress and her companion were gunned down in famed Venice Beach, California.

Venice Beach, California (Source: Florian Wehde)

Venice, California, is a small, eclectic seaside town along the Southern California coast. People from various backgrounds congregate in the town and bring their diverse belief systems and unique ways of life with them. Unfortunately, it’s also a town with a high crime rate.

Barbara Colby

Barbara Colby attended high school in New Orleans, Louisana. During her senior year, she fell in love with acting and joined a local community theater crew in the French Quarter known as Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre, where she flourished.

While at the community theater Barbara was involved in two roles. She often sewed costumes…

Unknown assailants murder a former major league baseball player.

Ivan Calderon (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

A former major league baseball player is ambushed and murdered in a bar near his home in Puerto Rico. However, who killed him and the motive behind the murder remains a mystery.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island known as a vacation destination for those looking for rest and recreation. However, it can be a dangerous place to live with an unusually high violent crime rate.

Ivan Calderon

Ivan Calderon, age 41, grew up on the island of Puerto Rico. He dreamed of a better life for himself. …

A man living a double life as a police officer and a made man in the mafia is murdered in a sandwich shop.

Chicago Skyline in the 1970s (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Choosing a life in the mafia often leads to an early death as there are dangers around every corner. Not only does one make enemies from outside sources, but an adversary may also come from within the organization itself.

Richard Cain

Richard Cain, age 49, was the product of an often violent and difficult relationship between two parents who could barely stand to be in each other presence for long. They also weren’t the best influence on a child, so Richard was raised by his grandparents in Michigan.

A young man hitchhiked from Colorado to California and turned up dead in Utah.

David Stack (Source: Wikimedia)
David Stack (Source: Wikimedia)

A young man hitchhiked from Colorado to California to visit his brother, but he never arrived. He was found murdered in Utah and was unidentified for over 30 years before his family finally received answers in his case.

Hitchhiking was once common practice in the United States in the 1970s. Most people found kind and well-meaning citizens willing to help them get to their next destination, but an unlucky few got into the wrong car and wound up dead.

David Stack

David Stack, age 18, was from Colorado. He was known as a happy and popular young man who made friends wherever…

A high-end call girl is murdered in her own home, but is a well-known psychologist or her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend responsible for her death?

(Source: Colin Davis on Unsplash)
(Source: Colin Davis on Unsplash)

Santa Cruz, California, is a beautiful seaside community. It’s known for its boardwalk right on the beach that is full of fun and excitement. It’s a town people go to for a vacation and enjoy their time off, but that doesn’t mean Santa Cruz doesn’t have a seedy underside.

Corine Christensen

Corine Christensen, age 34, was a bookkeeper for a well-known psychologist named Richard Bandler. She was also a high-priced call girl for hire. While she got to know multiple prominent people in her line of work, she also chose to spend her free time with people who would bring her down.

A young mother was murdered in her bed only to be found by her 6-year-old daughter the next morning.

Source: Danny G on Unsplash
Source: Danny G on Unsplash

Losing a parent at a young age can be traumatic for young children. It is a loss that can be hard to process with a slew of unanswered questions, but when a parent is murdered, and the child is the one to discover the death, it can cause anguish that can be difficult to reconcile.

Mary Morgan Pewitt

Mary Morgan Pewitt, age 25, was a young mother of two daughters who lived in Comanche, Oklahoma. She was known to be a confrontational person and had a history of volatile relationships. …

Unrelated to the terrorist attacks in New York City, he was known as the last man murdered on September 11, 2001.

Brownstone Building in New York City (Source: Rachel Martin on Unsplash)
Brownstone Building in New York City (Source: Rachel Martin on Unsplash)

September 11, 2001, was one of the most tragic days in the United States' history, as close to 3,000 people were killed by terrorists. However, one murder in New York City was not related to the terrorist attacks on the twin towers but was nonetheless tragic.

Henryk Siwiak

Henryk Siwiak, age 43, was an inspector for the Polish National Railroad in his home country of Poland when the economy took a turn for the worse, and he was laid off from his job. …

A young woman disappeared from her Southern California home only to be found dead in Utah.

Utah (Source: Brent Dalling on Unsplash)
Utah (Source: Brent Dalling on Unsplash)

Marilee Bruszer went missing from Southern California in 1978. Her body was discovered in a state park in Utah just a few weeks later. However, her body remained unidentified for almost 40 years. After a little bit of luck, her family was finally able to bring her home.

Not knowing what happened to a loved one when they disappear can cause excruciating pain. Sadly, many people never get the answers they seek, but a lucky few get to bring their loved ones home, even if it’s years later.

Marilee Bruszer

Marilee Bruszer, age 33, was a single woman who lived in the…

Rumors surround the murder of a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who was found dead in her apartment.

(Source: Meta Zahren on Unsplash)

Mary S. Sherman, age 51, was a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon specializing in the research and treatment of bone cancer. She worked at the Ochsner Medical Clinic in New Orleans, Louisana, during the last part of her career in an attempt to perfect a treatment that would help people worldwide. She was a woman with a bright future ahead of her who may have made breakthroughs into cancer research, but her life was cut short.

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